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Connecting the open metaverse

Creators around the world are working day and night to build breathtaking experiences across the spatial web.

We are witnessing in real-time visionaries like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, and many others lay the foundations upon which millions of users can unleash their creativity and rewrite the rules of what can be done online.

At Lighthouse, we define the open metaverse as the experience-centric web — a sharp contrast with the information-centric web we are all familiar with.

We see a near-term future where most social and commercial use cases of the web migrate to persistent, real-time, and interactive 3D digital spaces. In this future, the richness of experiences is unlike anything we've seen before, and navigating through it all is one of users' biggest challenges.

This is where we come in.

We are building the most extensive search engine of the spatial web to help onboard the next billion users to the
open  metaverse


The pillars of navigation


Lighthouse empowers users and creators to find one another. Our powerful navigation platform allows users to search for items across and within worlds - significantly facilitating discovery and unifying cross-world search capabilities.

We also understand that the metaverse is meant to be a profoundly social place. By enabling the creation of friend groups, we empower users to navigate the open metaverse in tribes and make exploration an intrinsically social experience.

Our real-time, rich and intuitive search capabilities are achieved through direct data integrations with the worlds we partner with. We aim to one day be the decentralized connecting layer unifying the dots across the entire Web3 ecosystem.


We see a near future where landing places increasingly replace landing pages. In this future, navigating across spaces is as frictionless as using hyperlinks to navigate across web pages today.

Lighthouse intends on being the gateway for these bridges between worlds, regardless of the ecosystem on which they are built - opening up a new primitive for mobility in Web3.

Supported by world-class Web3 investors

and founders / execs

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“As users will be spawning with their avatar identity into many parallel virtual worlds in the open metaverse, we believe a new standard for a navigation system allowing for both content discovery and socialization layers will be needed, to aggregate metadata that facilitates connecting with your friends and communities across them and exploring content from one to another.
Lighthouse's vision just focuses on that and we are happy to be working closely with them at The Sandbox and look forward to continuing providing our support to make the future truly open, transparent, and interoperable.”
Sébastien Borget / COO & co-founder, The Sandbox
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Interested in being part of the adventure?

We are now looking to expand the universe of worlds and creators we partner with. If you'd like to collaborate with us, we're all ears!